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Cindy Gaudet

Cindy Gaudet, PhD
Asst. Professor, University of Alberta

Cindy explores the sacredness and wisdom of women in Indigenous cultures. She shares these insights with young readers in a playful and empowering manner.

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M.C. Goldrick

M.C. Goldrick writes children’s stories with a whole lot of heart and a little bit of fart.

Penned for big souls in little bodies, Goldrick’s tales are humorous and heartfelt. Seamlessly embedding education in adventure and combining compassion with imagination, captivated readers are kept giggling and asking for more.

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Dré Covas

Dré Covas is a righter writing.

Inspired by the joy of impeccable living, her poetry, stories, and novels highlight the ‘right’ possibilities within.

A ‘righter’ is never truly wrong, only momentarily misdirected, looking for that next ‘right’ turn. Her characters’ challenges help us to navigate our own voyages with grace and compassion.

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It's no secret. Dré and M.C. are one in the same. With distinct audiences and writing styles, Dré employs a pen name to differentiate her kidlit offerings, enabling readers to follow the genre best suited to their age and stage
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