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Cindy Gaudet

Cindy Gaudet, PhD
Asst. Professor, University of Alberta

Cindy explores the sacredness and wisdom of women in Indigenous cultures. She shares these insights with young readers in a playful and empowering manner.

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M.C. Goldrick

Kid-lit author and mother of two, M.C. believes that kids learn best when they laugh & act best when they love.

Penned for big souls in little bodies, Goldrick’s tales are humorous and heartfelt. Seamlessly embedding education in adventure and combining compassion with imagination, captivated readers are kept giggling and asking for more.

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Jessycka Drew

Artist, Author, & Social Worker, Jessycka is transforming scars into stars

Jessycka's whimsical, rhyming books tackle tough topics faced by little warriors. Helping young kids to know their power & how to transform scars into stars.

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Leah Dorion

Leah Dorion
Interdisciplinary Metis Artist

Raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Leah is a teacher, painter, filmmaker and published writer. Leah views her Metis heritage as providing her with a unique bridge for knowledge between all people.

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