Book Submissions

We are now accepting submissions from aspiring and inspiring authors.

Stories that Uplift and Inspire.

We are currently accepting applications in the following genres:

  1. Children's novels
  2. Children's picture books (with illustrations)
  3. Middle-Grade fiction
  4. Inspirational, advice, spiritual or introspective books for children or adults.
  5. YA (Young Adult)
  6. Graphic Novels & Comics
  7. Biographies & Auto Biographies

Choose from Traditional, Hybrid, and Tailored Publishing Services.

In a traditional publishing model, the publisher bears the cost of all aspects of publishing and pays the author royalties.  In addition to having your title accepted for our catalogue, to qualify for a traditional publishing agreement the author must have an existing audience and agree to be an active promoter of the book before and after publishing.

Hybrid publishing applications must also be approved, however, some of the publishing costs are handled by the author. The author receives a higher royalty rate than in the traditional model and does not require an existing audience or promotional commitment.

We also offer tailored publishing services for hire. In this instance, we accept all genres and there is no approval process, though we will not publish hurtful or hateful materials. You select the services you require and then have the option of self-publishing your work or engage us to have it published under an imprint. In the latter instance, you retain full royalties minus the payment processing expenses we incur. We offer reasonable prices and flexible solutions designed to best serve you. Browse our selection of customizable publishing services.

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