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From picture books and juvenile fiction to short stories and novels, MotherButterfly Books has something for everyone.

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Here are our current and upcoming releases by our authors:

The Maiden Voyage

Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

Unnoticed. Incognito. What might you see? What might you learn?

Take your place on the wall with Griz, Sam and Alisha as they travel through time and space disguised as common houseflies. 

Book #1 of the 
TIMEFLIES Adventure Series.

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The Imaginary 3D Monkey

Marvin is not your typical imaginary friend, both invisible and imaginary he leads a solitary life. But all that changes the day a family of four put on 3D glasses.

 Follow Marvin the Monkey in his adventures... if you can find him.

Scheduled for release in 2019.

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Play it Again, Sam

Fly back 151 years to watch as Sam and Alisha's ancestors become Canadian.

Set in the great outdoors, there are more than three flies on this adventure.

Book #2 of the 
TIMEFLIES Adventure Series.

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Moon Time Prayer

Meet Sparrow, a young Métis girl who receives the teachings of womanhood from her auntie and grandmother.

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