Sell-abrate Good Times!

Sell-abrate Good Times!


I love writing. Love it. Love it. Love it. Did I say I love it? I do!

This selling part...not so much.

Write a book. Check.

Publish a book. Check.

Sell said book. Check yourself!

There are many ways to market something. There are also many ways to skin a cat.

I don’t want to do either!

I’m an artist. Not a salesperson.

I’ve sold things before. But always in a retail setting.

People come to you and you give them what they want. Easy, peasy and super fun.

I’ve sold tacos, muffins, movies, popcorn, candy and more. Loads of things people want.

People want my books. They’re fun. It’s not like I’m selling encyclopedias.

It’s not the product. It’s the showman and showground, or lack thereof.

So far, I’ve sold books to friends and family. That should have been easy. But it wasn’t.

Just informing them of the availability of the book required a major effort on my part.

Do I hate to ask for things? No, that’s not true. I ask for things all the time.

I guess it’s more that when you’re selling your creation, it’s a bit like selling yourself.

Not in a way where you’re in danger, but more like you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position. In a potential state of rejection. Or pity.

Now, I really don’t think that any of my book sales have been out of pity. Only that my sales approach is well…nonexistent. Seriously, there have been people that have told me to let them know when the book is published as they wanted a copy. It was published and I stood by them in silence. Unable to utter the words. Unable to even form them in my mind.

I don’t like to impose my will on others. Live and let live, I say. I don’t want to push them into something they don’t want to do. As a mother, I have had to get over that, and yes, my children brush their teeth, wash their hands, and sometimes, have nice manners. Partly, because I remind them.

Maybe, I have to imagine myself as a mother to these books. I did create them after all. The analogy is not so far off. Perhaps, instead of thinking that I am pushing the potential buyer into a purchase. I could imagine that I’m merely setting up a playdate. An opportunity for the reader and the book to connect and have a great time.

That feels better. It’s time to play! Time for a Sell-abration!

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