ARC Management

Professional Advance Review Copy (ARC) Campaign Management

People judge books by their covers
& reviews.

Unfortunately, a book with few reviews gets passed over. It's almost as though it doesn't exist until it has some stars. You worked hard to create your book but you don't have to work hard to get feedback. We'll do that for you.

ARCs, or Advance Reader Copies, are remarkable assets to authors because they get the books straight into the hands of book reviewers, peer reviewers, bloggers, and other people who may offer input, or for your book. ARCs are different from proofs because they aren’t just for the author’s perusal; they are sent to reviewers prior to the public release of the book, generally about three months in advance. ARCs also give you the chance to see what reviewers think about your material, allowing changes or edits before it’s released.

We will set up an ARC campaign and offer it to a reader community. Readers who are keen to help authors launch their books and have a track record of posting to Amazon, Goodreads, Google & more*.

Your campaign includes:

For New Books

Share your ARC (Advance Review Copy) before you launch your book with as many eager readers as possible for social proof right out of the gate. Read through feedback before your official publishing date and fix any mistakes before your paying customers catch them.

& Not-so-New Books

Did you forget to run an ARC campaign before launching your book? Or maybe you never even knew about ARC's? No worries, it's not too late. Gather feedback for your existing books to boost sales. Readers can easily add your book to read on their devices.
It's easy! You'll receive a form to upload your book and fill in a few details. We will take it from there.

Real Readers. Real Reviews.

You have enough to do. You're about to publish a book. You are busy. Instead of chasing down old acquaintances and distant relatives to find some reviewer, we will get into hands of people who love to read and review. No strings attached. No payments for reviews. Completely above board. They get to read free books before they're released and you get to have some feedback ready for your launch.

We will take care of all the details. Browse our menu and fill out this form and with a copy of your book. On release, you send us links to your book online. That's it.

Pricing is included in the form.

*Please Note: 

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